Artist's Statement

Abstract painting is my passion because it illustrates boundless freedom and true originality. I'm not a technique-obsessed artist who strives to paint the perfect bowl of fruit. My creative process is driven by the truth of divine grace in a world where many are blinded by mirages of perfection. Abstract is a poetic reflection of the human soul beneath the filters. Flawed, messy, one-of-a-kind and so profoundly beautiful. 

Furthermore, art is critical to the enlightenment of society. Because abstract art represents intangible concepts (such as emotions), I paint to advocate for invisible concepts of healing:

Love over ego. Gratitude over sadness. Hope over despair. Faith & Courage over fear. Peace over anxiety. Selfless purpose over apathy. Imagination over conformity. ​Self-care over self-sabotage. Self-transformation over self-hate. Self-Love over guilt. Freedom of self-expression over shame. Grace over perfection. Abundance over poverty. Compassion over judgement. & more.

As John Milton wrote, 

"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven."

I paint to inspire people to create their own Heaven on Earth.

There exists a light guiding hurting souls into a lifelong journey of profound, sustainable transformation; this process of growth is known as human alchemy.

You are never stuck where you are unless you choose to stay where you are. Love yourself, be brave, be free.